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Manuals                                                              Price      Number      Total

Strong Extended Families (SEF)                                                 $ 35 _________ ________ Curriculum includes two volumes (adult and youth) and is a four-unit, eight hour family-based curriculum that supports youth living with extended family because of methamphetamine and other substance addictions of their parents. School/After School

K-12 Curriculum                                                                           $400 _________ ________

5 volume set with developmentally appropriate activities for each age level. 

Or sold separately: 

Introduction/science base                                                              $ 60 ________ _________ 

K-2 Curriculum                                                                                $ 85 _________ ________

3-5 Curriculum                                                                                 $ 85 _________ _______

6-8 Curriculum                                                                                 $ 85 _________ _______

Peer (high school) Curriculum                                                        $ 85 _________ _______

Community Leaders Manual                                                            $ 75 _________ _______ 

Train the trainer activities for community members. 

Training is required to implement/purchase the following family-based programs: All model program family class curricula are designed to support 10 to 14 2-hour sessions and include additional activity options. 

DTBY for Preschool Families (National Model Program)

 Parent Training Manual (English)  or                                                                      $ 85* _________ ________

Parent Training Manual (Spanish/English)                                                            $ 95* _________ _______

*required, others are optional.

Preschool Activity Guide (English)*   or                                                                    $ 85 _________ ________ 

Preschool Activity Guide (Spanish/English) 8                                                         $ 95 _________ ________

K-2, 3-5, 6-8 School Curriculum for siblings(3 volumes)                                 $255 _________ ________ 

Teen Facilitator Training Guide                                                                                 $ 30 _________ ________

 Parent/Child activity Workbook                                                                                $ 14 _________ ________

19 activities for parents and young children to do together at home or in class. 

DTBY Bridges for Families with Children in K-2 and Teachers Bridges

 Parent/Teacher Training Manual*                                                                             $ 85 _________ ________ 

Youth training Manual *                                                                                                   $85 ______________

Care to Wait Program for Families with Middle School Youth

 Care to Wait Parent Manual $                                                                  $85 ______ ________

Care to Wait Activities for Middle School Youth                                    $ 85 -_____   _______

Total Materials ____________

Shipping and Handling (10% of total materials purchased) ____________

TOTAL Due to DARE to be You FOR MATERIALS ____________

DARE to be You Training Costs 

 Onsite training for up to 35 participants.

Community, School, Peer Educator or SEF                                        $3,500 _________ ________

15 hours for community capacity building or implementation of K-12 school/after-school, peer educator (teen) or Strong Extended Family (SEF) programs.(Manuals are purchased separately based on individual community needs.)

Replication training for ONE model program                                      $5,500 _________ ________ 

Families with Preschool Youth or

Families with Children in K-2 and Teachers or

Care to Wait for Middle School Families

(20 hours of training adapted to site needs, manuals separate.)

NOTE: One trainer's travel costs are additional and vary by site location and needs 

Off site Training

DARE to be You hosts one to two trainings per year that are open to anyone who wishes to come.  These may be in Colorado or other areas.   Training costs vary depending on the location.  Please check this website regularly for updates on trainings or contact us directly.

Participants are responsible for their travel and per diem charges and Manuals are additional tailored to individual needs.


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